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Welcome! We are Anne Robie and Sherry Essig, co-hosts of the podcast, Flowing East and West: The Perfectly Imperfect Journey to a Fulfilled Life. Join us as we explore what it means to be on a perfectly imperfect journey to a fulfilled life.

We have a deep curiosity about the ways in which we each navigate the journey - how to savor the times when you’re in flow, what happens when you hit a bump in the road, and how to find the learning and growth in ALL of it.

Because the one thing that is certain is no one’s life path is a straight line!

We have lots of thoughts, ideas, and questions to share around what it takes to live a fulfilling life and we will also be talking to friends, colleagues, and experts. While our focus is on modern “western” concerns, interests, needs, fears, etc. we look to both eastern and western philosophies and practices to guide us on our journeys. We hope this podcast will feel like getting together with some good friends over a glass of wine or a cup of tea every few weeks - we don’t have all the answers, but we have lots of questions and hope to inspire you to consider where you want your own journey to take you.

our latest episode

Possibilities and Edges with Tony Lillios

December 6, 2023
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If you believed anything was possible, what would you do? Tony Lillios comes from an immigrant family that somehow made things happen…whole family pitching in to start a small business on a greek island?  No problem.  Squishing 10 family members into a station wagon, along with bikes and all the necessities for a week at the beach?  A little duct tape and rope, and they were off for their holiday adventure.  As an adult, this translated into Tony’s work and personal worlds, starting several businesses, completing 12+ IronMans, and and recently climbing in Bhutan with a world famous entrepreneur. However, even for someone who sees limitless possibilities, there are moments when Tony finds himself conforming and feeling smaller than he truly is. It is a growth edge for him, and there are valuable lessons for all of us to learn from his experiences.  Listen in to hear Tony’s perfectly imperfect journey. Bio Tony Lillios is a serial entrepreneur, Integral Coach, TEDx speaker, film producer, and triathlete that has also co-founded Speck Design and Speck Products. Chances are, if you owned a phone between 2008 and 2014, you owned a Speck Products case. Tony and his partners sold the company to Samsonite in 2014 for a reported 85 million dollars and that's when he turned his attention to personal and professional coaching. Today, Tony coaches others by developing an ongoing set of practices that allow them to develop new skills, capacities, and awareness. This system of integral coaching puts you on your path to sustainable transformation. Tony’s unique integral approach comes from a blend of his training through New Ventures West, Stagen's Integral Leadership Program, and self-discovery.

your hosts

Anne Robie

I have been practicing the art of maximizing human potential for over 20 years. In that time I have been lucky enough to be an internal executive and external consultant in a diverse array of companies. What I have noticed is that many of us have deep passions that often get buried in pursuit of someone else's definition of success. I love the process of unlocking those passions. I believe corporate America doesn’t have to suck. Whether it is a team that is stacked with great talent, but just isn’t performing at their highest levels, or whole organizations where the culture isn’t fully engaged, I work with you to know yourself and each other at a deeper level, and to co-create work you love.

I currently live in Napa, CA but have a wandering soul. My dog, Chandi, helps keep me grounded and is often my companion while discovering new places and getting lost in old haunts.


Sherry Essig

I’m an executive and life coach and work with clients who are ready to make the courageous choice to stop settling for less than success AND happiness. After a 15-year corporate career in public accounting, finance, and marketing I finally found the courage to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life and recently celebrated 21 years as a professional coach. I’ve been fascinated by what makes people tick for as long as I can remember and have a deep belief in people’s capacity to change. I'm currently diving deeply into the Enneagram as a tool to facilitate transformation. I’m a transplanted Southern Californian, living in Raleigh, NC which I’ve fallen in love with. What else? Animal lover, cat and dog mom, traveler, yogi, insatiable curiosity about people and the world, reader, nature lover, and foodie. Connection is my soul food.


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