Fulfillment: An Inside Job

April 12, 2023
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About this episode

Many moons ago, when we were trying to choose the name for our podcast, we thought about the essence of what we wanted to share with the world. Yes, we wanted to talk to people about their lives and their journeys and to  share some of the learnings we had acquired through a western and eastern lens. But we also wanted there to be a “so what.” Why do we care about the things we talk about on the podcast? Because it is our hope that it leads to a more fulfilling experience in all of our lives. The challenge though is that it is an inside job. No amount of watching or listening to others will actually  create more fulfillment.  It is the work we do internally: how we learn from our experiences, and what we do with that learning. Listen in as we discuss what fulfillment is, and some steps to get there.