Going Quiet with Kim Hunter

August 30, 2023
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About this episode

Kim has been a “dabbler” most of her life…she started her career in software, but it didn’t give her much energy.  She knew she had a passion for food and started looking for ways to become more immersed in that world. She worked at her local farmers market, did some catering and worked in a couple of restaurants. She opened a restaurant, which gave her an outlet to create food that she loved and a community, but although it had a good run and moved her in the right direction, it still wasn’t quite the right outlet. She tried a food truck and quickly discovered that too was not for her, but every one of these steps has been an important part of her journey. Kim has found that going quiet in between her different ventures has always led her down the right path and she believes this regeneration time is critical to happiness.  Kim now shares her passion for food and community through hosting farm to table dinners in Western North Carolina.  Please listen in to hear Kim’s perfectly imperfect journey. Bio: Kim Hunter is a chef, host, and curator of events that bring people together around the table. Inspired by sustainable ingredients that regenerate the land, she uses food as a medium for love and connection. Kim is a frequent chef and collaborator in underground supper clubs and pop-up dinners, and is passionate about food justice and equity. Kim was the chef/owner of her farm to table Korean restaurant in Raleigh, NC before relocating in 2022 to the mountains of North Carolina. Information on upcoming events and pictures of gorgeous food: https://www.instagram.com/chefkimh/