International Connector with Marti Grimminck

June 7, 2023
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About this episode

Marti Grimminck’s love of travel was cemented in her childhood growing up in New York and traveling with her parents. Her desire to connect was born out of this same love of travel; never missing an opportunity to meet someone new, Marti created relationships all over the world and founded a business focused on bringing a global perspective to companies in the US and abroad. Join us to hear Marti’s unique perspective and the serendipity that has formed her life. Bio Marti Grimminck is a global business executive, social entrepreneur, keynote speaker and futurist designer. Working with corporations and governments, she designs the future of work, future of education, future of communities. She speaks globally on the future of work, hybrid workplace, virtual engagement and consumer trends of GenZs and Millennials. As the Founder and CEO of International Connector , Marti has deep knowledge of emerging trends through the cultivation of an unparalleled global network of GenZs and Millennials across 190 countries. With 20+ years experience working on developing promotional campaigns, brands, products and platforms, Marti’s work is remarkably diverse and globally spread. She is the Executive Director of a portfolio of social impact programs developed through her innovation work including: Your Big Year youth empowerment, Innovative Resilience building connected resilient communities, and Future of Women in Tech elevating women leaders in business. Linkedin: Instagram: