Possibilities and Edges with Tony Lillios

December 6, 2023
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About this episode

If you believed anything was possible, what would you do? Tony Lillios comes from an immigrant family that somehow made things happen…whole family pitching in to start a small business on a greek island?  No problem.  Squishing 10 family members into a station wagon, along with bikes and all the necessities for a week at the beach?  A little duct tape and rope, and they were off for their holiday adventure.  As an adult, this translated into Tony’s work and personal worlds, starting several businesses, completing 12+ IronMans, and and recently climbing in Bhutan with a world famous entrepreneur. However, even for someone who sees limitless possibilities, there are moments when Tony finds himself conforming and feeling smaller than he truly is. It is a growth edge for him, and there are valuable lessons for all of us to learn from his experiences.  Listen in to hear Tony’s perfectly imperfect journey. Bio Tony Lillios is a serial entrepreneur, Integral Coach, TEDx speaker, film producer, and triathlete that has also co-founded Speck Design and Speck Products. Chances are, if you owned a phone between 2008 and 2014, you owned a Speck Products case. Tony and his partners sold the company to Samsonite in 2014 for a reported 85 million dollars and that's when he turned his attention to personal and professional coaching. Today, Tony coaches others by developing an ongoing set of practices that allow them to develop new skills, capacities, and awareness. This system of integral coaching puts you on your path to sustainable transformation. Tony’s unique integral approach comes from a blend of his training through New Ventures West, Stagen's Integral Leadership Program, and self-discovery.