Survivor with Trish Hegarty

August 16, 2023
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About this episode

Trigger warning: this episode includes a discussion of eating disorders. When Trish Hegarty joined the cast of Survivor in 2014, it may have been her first experience in the Philippines, but she had already lived a lifetime of surviving family addiction issues, an eating disorder, and an unstable marriage. Listen in to hear Trish’s story of resilience and the power any of us can have to change someone’s life simply by sharing our own story. If you or someone you know needs help with an eating disorder, here is a resource: Eating Disorder Helpline: 888.375.7767 Or chat: Bio Trish Hegarty was raised in the Boston area in an Irish Catholic family.  While it went undiagnosed as a child, Trish suffered from a learning disability, so she focused much of her energy into sports, eventually earning a spot as the Captain of her university’s women's soccer team.  After graduation, Trish transformed that passion for athletics into teaching Pilates and has owned her own studio for the last 25 years.  Trish is the proud mother of two fantastic girls whom she raised on her own. In 2014, after several years of trying to get on the show, Trish was a contestant on the CBS program, Survivor.  Through her tenacity and grit, Trish made it 36 days out of 39 and was eventually voted out 5th.  In August 2022, Trish was also a contestant on the show Snake in the Grass. Trish still lives outside of Boston and is currently writing her autobiography.