Write It Down with Michelle Simmons

November 20, 2023
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About this episode

From the outside looking in, it would be easy to assume Michelle Simmons is invincible.  She is an 18-time IronMan athlete (including 4 times at the world championships), has run countless half triathlons and has coached other athletes to triathlon successes.  Even when cancer struck at age 25, Michelle never skipped a beat, keeping a super positive attitude and staying focused on getting past her treatment and back to competing.  But during her cancer treatment, there was a seed planted that would fester and then rear its head 20 years later.  Almost to the day of her original diagnosis, Michelle was sure there was something seriously wrong. There was something wrong, just not what she thought.  And no amount of athleticism or positive attitude could help.  Her ultimate savior?  Writing down her story.  Listen in to hear Michelle’s perfectly imperfect journey. Bio Michelle Simmons is an esteemed endurance coach, athlete, and inspirational mentor with over 15 years of experience in triathlon coaching. As the founder of TeamBSC Triathlon in Hawaii, she has dedicated her career to helping athletes achieve their full potential by fostering a blend of physical preparedness and mental resilience. A graduate of Arizona State University, Michelle's academic background laid a solid foundation for her initial career as a classroom teacher. Her five-year tenure in education honed her skills in communication, leadership, and motivation—skills that would prove invaluable as she transitioned to full-time coaching. Michelle's expertise is not just theoretical. Her credentials include competing in 18 Ironman races, with four appearances at the Ironman World Championships in Kona. However, her personal athletic achievements are just part of her story. After overcoming a cancer diagnosis at the age of 25, Michelle faced a prolonged battle with anxiety and health issues stemming from the fear of recurrence. This challenge propelled her into Story Work, leading her to become a Level 2 Enlifted Coach and Level 2 O23 Coach. She empowers athletes and individuals alike to rewrite their internal narratives, acknowledging the profound impact of thoughts and beliefs on physical health and performance. In addition to her coaching business, Michelle's commitment to her community shines through her volunteer work, contributions to the Aloha State Bicycle Racing Association, and her initiative to lead a monthly women's bike ride, creating a space for camaraderie and empowerment. At home, Michelle's role as a wife and mother to a dynamic 15-year-old daughter is a source of personal joy and grounding. Her balanced approach to life, emphasis on happiness in athleticism, and passion for teaching others to thrive mentally, physically, and emotionally, make her an extraordinary figure in the world of endurance sports coaching. Michelle Simmons' life and work are a testament to the power of determination, the importance of mindset, and the transformative impact of supportive coaching. Her story and expertise are sure to inspire not only her clients but also all those who have the pleasure of listening to her speak. Michellesimmonscoaching.com